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If you’re looking for a powerful, comprehensive, and great-tasting CBD product, then Bluebird Botanicals has you covered with their brand new CBD Complete Drops. Bluebird Botanicals’ CBD Complete Drops boast a unique herbal CBD oil blend that combines the two most potent naturally occurring forms of CBD with a therapeutic Cannabis sativa extract. Each 1oz bottle contains both the decarboxylated and non-decarboxylated forms of CBD (at a 50:50 ratio) plus a host of naturally occurring terpenes, which are natural protective agents employed by plants to assist them in a wide variety of functions including keeping diseases and parasites away.

While most other CBD drops only contain CO2-extracted CBD, CBD Complete Drops contain almost all therapeutic constituents of hemp—plus a healthy kick of omega fatty acid goodness thanks to the organic extra-virgin olive oil. As Bluebird Botanicals’ CBD Complete Drops are extracted from industrial hemp, they contain only traces of THC and are thus legal to purchase and consume in the US and in 40 countries worldwide. CBD Complete Drops are completely non-psychotropic, so there is no chance you can get high from consuming them.

Why Choose CBD Complete Drops?

Combining two naturally occurring CO2-extracted forms of CBD with a steam-distilled Cannabis sativa extract makes CBD Complete Drops from Bluebird Botanicals a fantastic choice for orally ingested CBD.  Each 1oz bottle has 125mg CBD and 125mg CBD-A, plus 26+ terpenes from Cannabis sativa, making it one of the most comprehensive natural hemp supplements in the market.

This product is unique because while regular CBD acts at a regular pace on your metabolism, CBD-A is metabolized more slowly, leading to more lasting benefits. By combining the two, the CBD Complete Drops offer you all the wellness benefits of CBD in a concentrated, long-lasting, an all-natural form. All the hemp-derived ingredients in the CBD Complete Drops are cleverly bound together in organic extra-virgin olive oil, which is world famous for its beneficial properties.

The choice not to use hemp seed oil and go for extra-virgin olive oil instead is deliberate and aims to eliminate a natural food constituent known as oxalic acid. Children on the autism spectrum are known to be sensitive to oxalic acids, so by eliminating it from the recipe, Bluebird Botanicals has created one of the most child-friendly CBD oil products in the market. Extra-virgin olive oil has the added benefits of a high omega fatty acid concentration and great taste.

CBD Complete Drops from Bluebird Botanicals are legal to consume both in the US and in many countries around the world. Hemp oil is a healthy, natural, and safe ingredient. CBD is the most abundant non-psychoactive cannabinoid and has been proven to help soothe the senses and boost one’s overall wellness. Industrial hemp is naturally rich in CBD and contains almost no THC, making hemp oil products such as CBD Complete Drops perfect for relaxation. Bluebird Botanicals uses hemp that is imported from the UK, where it is grown on family farms under the strictest regulations of the European Union. The hemp is organically grown without the use of pesticides, fertilizers, or herbicides, and it’s non-GMO (non-genetically modified).

  • Concentrated CBD
  • Steam-distilled Cannabis sativa extract that contains 26+ aromatic terpenes
  • High in omega fatty acids thanks to the organic extra-virgin olive oil
  • Extra strong
  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable serving size
  • Easily combined with other CBD products
  • All-natural ingredients, vegan, gluten-free and kosher
  • Enhances wellness
  • Soothes the senses
  • Therapeutic
  • Calming
  • Child-friendly and suitable for children on the autism spectrum
  • Great value for money

How to Use CBD Complete Drops

Place the desired amount of CBD Complete Drops under the tongue, hold there for 90 seconds, and then swallow. The perfect serving size of CBD Complete Drops can vary greatly between people, so it’s advisable to experiment with serving size to find the perfect one for you. The average serving size is 15 drops, but it may vary for you according to your metabolism. As the product is safe, there is no upper limit and no side effects from taking “too much.” Shake the bottle well before using. Keep refrigerated. CBD Complete Drops have a shelf life of 2 years. If pregnant or lactating, consult with a qualified medical practitioner before consuming.


Hemp-derived Cannabidiol (CBD + CBD-A, 50:50)steam-distilled Cannabis sativa (26+ aromatic terpenes), organic extra-virgin olive oil, rosemary extract (as a natural preservative).

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