Therabis™ Calm & Quiet Powder for Pets

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Therabis Calming Supplement for Dogs
Just like humans, pets can also feel tired, nervous, and fatigued after a challenging day. If your pet is afraid to be left alone, becomes destructive when unattended, or can’t stand changes in his environment, then Therabis Calming Supplement for dogs may be the ideal solution to your problem.

This formula was developed by experienced veterinarian Dr. Stephen M. Katz, who cares deeply about the emotional health of dogs. Like humans, dogs can be helped with natural substances, such as CBD (cannabidiol), L-theanine, and chromium, to have improved wellness levels and enjoy a calmer life. With just a single serving every day, you can offer your pet the calm and relaxation he needs.

What is Therabis Calming Supplement for Dogs?
The main ingredient that makes Therabis calming supplement for dogs so potent is CBD.

CBD is a natural cannabinoid that is derived from the industrial hemp plant. Hemp seed oil contains a lot of CBD and only a trace amount of THC, which makes it legal in all states and over fifty countries worldwide. What’s so special about CBD is that it is the second most plentiful cannabinoid in medicinal marijuana, without causing psychoactive effects. With it, you can improve your pet’s wellness levels and give him a sense of calm anytime it is needed.

CBD is a natural substance found in all cannabis plants, including medicinal marijuana and industrial hemp. The hemp plant has been cultivated in Eastern Asia for hundreds of years for its rich oil and fibers.

Therabis Calming Supplement for dogs also combines the natural goodness of L-theanine in combination with CBD, which boosts its effects and offers even better results. Finally, this food supplement also contains chromium, which is naturally found in mammals, and a special vitamin blend to offer your pet all the goodness of a balanced diet and the improved wellness your pet deserves.

Why Choose Therabis Calming Supplement for Dogs?
Finding quality CBD products online can be quite difficult. CBD takes a lot of effort, time, and money to produce in its purest form. Good-quality hemp seed oil rich in CBD is expensive, and cheap products most likely will have impurities, low potency, or too much THC. By trusting in a certified vendor like Healthy Hemp Oil, you know that every CBD product you buy for yourself or your pet is:

High quality
Give your furry friend only the best CBD by trusting only in good brands and certified vendors.

Therabis uses a nutritional supplement blend created to be 100% palatable. We care deeply for your pet’s overall wellness, so we offer only the best calming supplement for dogs.

How to Use Therabis Calming Supplement for Dogs
Using Therabis is quite easy. You only have to:

Choose either Small, Medium, or Large satchels, depending on the size of your dog.
Sprinkle one satchel per day onto your dog’s food.
Make sure your dog eats it all.
To make it easier to determine if your dog consumed the entire supplement, first offer him only half of what he usually eats. Once the food and supplement is finished, offer the remaining food portion.

Therabis is an excellent solution for giving your dog a sense of calm and improved wellness up into old age.

If symptoms of nervousness worsen or are very severe, see a vet, as there may be an underlying disease causing these behaviors. Our main goal is to help as many pets as possible feel happier and have better lives. We want what is best for your dog and all dogs alike!

Warning: Do not use Therabis Calming Supplement for Dogs on humans or other animals. Do not give to pregnant or breeding dogs, as there have been no studies on the effects. Store away from children and pets. If your dog’s symptoms worsen, contact a vet.


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